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Final Fantasy XIV CLASS: LIST

Thanks to the new armoury system, players can change class whenever they wish.

To change the class in final fanatsy xiv you have only to equip a different weapon. But be careful you can not change class in the middle of a fight. Here the complete 30 classes’s list that have been created in Eorzea. There is also a special class the adventurer (a particular class in final fantasy 14 because this class plays without weapons). There are  4 disciplines (Disciples of War, Disciples of Magic, Disciples of the Hand, Disciples of the Land)


Pugilist (boxer) Hand-to-Hand (Melee)

Gladiator(Gladiator) Sword (Sword)

Marauder(Marauder) Axe (Axe)

Fencer(fencer) Fencing (Fencing)

Enforcer Club (Mace)

Archer(Archer) Archery (archery)

Lancer(Lancer) Polearm (halberd)

Musketeer(Musketeer) Gunnery (Artillery)

Sentinel (Sentinel) Shield (Shield)

Samurai (Samurai) Great Katana Great Katana

Stavesman(stick) Staff (Staff)

Assassin(Murderess) Dark Arts (DADA)

Flayer (skinners) Whip (whip)

Mystic (Monk) Mysticism (Mysticism)

Thaumaturgo (Healer) Thaumaturgy (Thaumaturgy)

Conjurer Conjurer) Conjuring (illusion)

Arcanist (Arcane) Arcanima (Arcanima)

Bard (Bard) Musical (Music)

Carpenter(Carpenter) Woodworking (Joinery)

Blacksmith(Blacksmith) Smithing (forging)

Armorer(Gunsmith) Armorcraft (Armorcraft)

Goldsmith (Goldsmith) Goldsmithing (Gold)

Tanner (Tanners) Leatherworking (Tannery)

Weaver(Weaver) Clothcraft (Weaving)

Alchemist(Alchemist) Alchemy (Alchemy)

Culinarian(food) Cooking (Culinary)

Miner(Miner) Mining (Mining)

Botanist(Botanical Garden) Botany (Botany)

Fisher(Fisher) Fishing (Fishing)

Shepherd(Shepherd) Herding (Breeding)

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