Final Fantasy 12 XII: Seven Sisters – Side Quests

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This event is available alter escaping Barheim Passage an returning to Rabanastre. You can’t complete It until after1 Draklor Laboratory

Speak to the Chief Steward while traveling between cities by way of the Leisure Craft. Ann and Rande are deep in conversation when Vaan interrupts. Ask about Rande when prompted. A conversation begins that leads to a challenge. Rande proposes that Ann and her sisters collect flowers for mother’s name day and she wants Vaan to inform the other sisters of the conditions. He then promises to leave her and her sisters alone if Vaan can deliver the message to all of her sisters. There are seven ships and seven sisters split between them. The chief steward gives Vaan Ann’s Letter

To complete this quest, you must book flights choosing the leisure craft option. Each sister is on a different route. The order doesn’t matter, since the next sister in line always appears on the new route as long as Vaan hasn’t already delivered a letter on that route. Deliver all of the messages to the sisters to receive a Ring ot Renewal. The seven flight paths are:

1. Bhujerba to Balfonheim

2. Bhujerba to Rabanastre 3 Ballonheim to Archades 4. Balfonheim to Nalbina

5 Archades to Nalbina

6. Archades to Rabanastre

7. Nalbina to Rabanastre

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