Final Fantasy 12: Ktjn’ road improvement – sidequests

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FINAL FANTASY 12 SIDE QUESTS: Kljn’s Road to Improvement

This event will take place after the party returns to Rabanastre from Barheim Passage.

Ktjn the Viera is silling mid-way on the stairway leading to the northern part of the city, in the Bazaar area. She will start asking questions as soon as the party talks to her. Note that there is a parameter set involved in this conversation. Her questions are given once per scenario block. If the party fails to answer every question after receiving the Treaty-Blade, she will ask the next question every 15 minutes The questions and parameter points follow:

Question 1

Is the city not wonderful? I still lose my way on occasion, but I have come to know some of her walks and alleyways.

But the land. I cannot hear it… Should this not trouble me as a viera?

A: Yes. you should be ashamed. (+1)

A: No. don’t be silly. (-1)

Question 2

I knew my choice would bring hardship, yet… A: You should’ve thought it through. (+1) A: Things will get better. (-1)

Question 3

All this time my sister has been making her way through the world, while I lived in the sheltered peace of the Wood.

I would be as she is. Do you think it possible?

A: Sure, il you put your mind to it. (-1)

A: I don’t know your sister. (0)

A: It’ll never happen (.1)

Question 4

Perhaps it would be best if I. too. became a warrior like my sister

What do you think?

A: I think it’s a good idea. (+1)

A: I am not sure. (-1)

After the fourth question, she thanks the party and leaves.

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1. +4 => Training at the bottom of the stairs of the clan headquarters.

(Reward: Platinum Sword)

2. +3 => Doorkeeper in front of the Clan headquarter.

(Reward: Paramina Crossbow)

3. -4 => Shopkeeper in Migelo’s shop. (Reward: Firefly)

4. -3 => Barker for Migelo’s shop. (Reward: Fuzzy Miter)

5. -2 to +2 => Roaming about Rabanastre. (Reward: Ether, Hi-Potion x3)

A. Northern part of the city, opposite of the Gambit shop.

B. Bazaar, sitting

C. Northern part ol the city, outward exit from the bazaar.

D. Airship terminal, chatting with the bangaas

Ktjn randomly appears in these locations and will remain in the same area while the party stays in Rabanastre. When the party exits Rabanastre, Ktjn will appear in either ol the four locations. Loading your game will refresh Ktjn’s location. Ktjn will give the party a reward according to the path

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