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As a member of Clan Centurio. you can take on hunts to earn extra experience, gil, and items. The hunts are a very important part of FINAL FANTASY XII. They’re the keys to unlocking most of the side events throughout the game and even set the stage for finding certain optional bosses and Espers.

Finding a hunt is easy. Go to the local tavern. The Sandsea for instance, and check the Notice Board. New bills are posted all of the time from people in desperate need of a hunters services. Agree to speak to the petitioner to add the hunt to the Clan Primer.

Finding the hunt is just the first step. You must then seek out the petitioner to learn more about the hunt and actually accept the job. Petitioners can be anywhere, but they’re usually located in the major areas and are easy to find. There’s even a map in the Clan Primer to help locate them Agree to take the hunt upon meeting the petitioner and more information is shared. Please note that marks, the target of the hunt, won’t appear until the hunt is officially accepted. Thus, there’s no using the guide to cheat a bit and skip over the petitioner. The meeting with the client is critical.

Nov/ it’s time to hunt! The petitioner has likely provided the basic information to find the mark. Petitioners are often a little vague. You can obtain additional clues by visiting Ma’kenroh in The Clan Hall. Meet all of the requirements to find the mark and defeat it.

It’s time to claim the reward. Return to the petitioner to report the mark’s defeat. The petitioner provides a reward and may even have an extra bit of information that leads to another event in the game, so pay attention!

That’s all there is to it! There are 45 marks in the game. Normal hunts are found on the Notice Board Montblanc (in The Clan Hall) hands out the elite marks, which are the real challenges. Keep checking the board and visiting Montblanc on a regular basis, as new hunts are added all the time.

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